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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you curious about the hair loss process and the options available for restoring your hair? Some of the more common questions asked of our office are presented here.
Why do people experience hair loss?
Balding, also known as androgenetic alopecia, is a hereditary condition that develops in men and women.  Pattern baldness is seen most commonly in men and it occurs because of an inherited genetic predisposition that causes hair to fall out with age.  At least 50% of men will lose hair during their lifetime.  Female pattern baldness also occurs because of genetic inheritance.  It is more common than most people realize with one out of four women being affected at some point in their lifetime.
Are there any non-surgical hair replacement options?
Does hair transplant surgery result in permanent growing hair?
Will hair transplant surgery restore my original hair density?
Why are some transplants so obvious?

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